For over 25 years, we at Langley Properties, LLC have built our reputation as a market leader using a simple strategy; find the right property, at the right price, with an opportunity to add meaningful value, and get to work!  Whether it’s growing cotton, cattle, solar farms, wind farms, homes or schools, when we utilize the knowledge and experience of our team, and proper stewardship of the land is our goal, added value is the result.  With over 50,000 acres owned across the south west and over $300 Million under management, this straight forward approach to real estate investing has served our clients well. 

Whether the investment is a 5-acre infill lot with a significant value proposition, a 160-acre farm in the path of progress or a 5,000-acre ranch with an opportunity to become a future mater planned community, all of us at Langley are committed to working the property towards its highest and best use. Our holdings include many working farms that generate income and maintain a lower property tax base. Most of our properties are situated within infrastructure and growth corridors that make them ideal for future residential and commercial development.  Other more rural investments are ideal for solar and wind farms, generating significant value through long-term leases or sales.


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